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Ticketing & Payments, Wednesday 1 July 2020


Welcome remarks


Opening address

Dr Jacob Kam

Rail Leader Interview

Back by popular demand, we kick off Asia-Pacific Rail 2020 with a series of interviews with C-Level rail operator leaders. Don’t miss these exclusive insights from some of the region’s most forward-thinking executives.
Panel discussion

Rail Leader Panel

Moving beyond mass transit to personalised transit
  • Why rail players must prioritise and speed up their digitalisation processes, and how they can do it
  • What are the long and short term digitalisation goals rail operators should be setting and where should they be investing to achieve them?
  • Multimodality: What does the future look like and what is rail’s role?
  • How to adapt existing service-provider business models through data-sharing and standardization to accommodate MaaS
  • Finding cost efficiencies through digitalisation

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Panel discussion

Innovative models in rail operations


The Digital Present

  • Digital is not in the future – it’s right now
  • Why the most adaptable will succeed
  • How can rail can get up to speed with other industries

Networking cocktail reception & close of day one

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Ticketing & Payments, Thursday 2 July 2020

Richard Anderson

Lessons from 25 years of metro benchmarking

  • What benchmarking data shows us about 20-25 year trends in metro performance
  • Key hot topics in the industry from an operator perspective and how these have evolved in 20-25 years
  • What does this tell us about the future?
  • In particular, what do customers actually want from embracing the opportunities of digital, data, new technology?
Richard Anderson, Managing Director, Transport Strategy Centre (Tsc), Imperial College London
Panel discussion

Keynote operations panel

  • What do passengers really want and how can operators deliver this?
  • With a myriad of new technology applications on the market, how can operators choose what delivers value to both passengers and the business?
  • What is the role of operators in driving innovation in technology to solve problems relating to the future of mobility?
  • The role of suburban and urban rail in meeting the urban mobility challenge
  • Strategic allocation of continual investment to meet needs of riders
Sumit Srisantithum, Chief Operating Officer, Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTS)

Diamond sponsor address

Paul Gwynn
Ticketing & Payments

Theatre Chair

Paul Gwynn
Ticketing & Payments

Theatre Chair

Ticketing & Payments

Building an integrated ticketing system in Mumbai: from an account-based system to a card-based system

Dr Padet Praditphet
Ticketing & Payments

Common ticketing development in Thailand: Progress and future developments

Oscar Playa
Ticketing & Payments

T-Mobilitat: Barcelona’s new contactless validation system

Ticketing & Payments

Combating fare evasion through AI

Rupesh Singhvi
Ticketing & Payments

Transitioning to a cashless payment environment: Driving adoption with e-payment technology

Ticketing & Payments

The future of contactless open-loop ticketing: Reducing fare collection costs while increasing convenience for the customer

Ticketing & Payments

An interoperable ticketing system Jakarta City: The government’s push for all transportation operators to use 1 SAM in electronic ticket systems

Ticketing & Payments

Fast commuter verification to improve operational efficiency by over 50%: Singapore’s first gateless hands-free automatic fare collection (AFC) system

Panel discussion
Ticketing & Payments

Encouraging user uptake in contactless payments: Changing user habits and ensuring an enabling environment to grow user numbers

Wee Meng Lim
Ticketing & Payments

MaaS: The role of rail operators in funding and supporting innovation in apps that drive MaaS goals

Wee Meng Lim, Chief Executive Officer, mobilityX Pte. Ltd.
Nick Brooks
Ticketing & Payments

The evolution of interoperable ticketing systems: What’s next?

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