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Mainline Projects, Wednesday 1 July 2020


Welcome remarks


Opening address

Dr Jacob Kam

Rail Leader Interview

Back by popular demand, we kick off Asia-Pacific Rail 2020 with a series of interviews with C-Level rail operator leaders. Don’t miss these exclusive insights from some of the region’s most forward-thinking executives.
Panel discussion

Rail Leader Panel

Moving beyond mass transit to personalised transit
  • Why rail players must prioritise and speed up their digitalisation processes, and how they can do it
  • What are the long and short term digitalisation goals rail operators should be setting and where should they be investing to achieve them?
  • Multimodality: What does the future look like and what is rail’s role?
  • How to adapt existing service-provider business models through data-sharing and standardization to accommodate MaaS
  • Finding cost efficiencies through digitalisation

Title Sponsor Address

Voravuth Mala
Mainline Projects

Bangkok’s Red Line and Double Tracking Commuter project update

Voravuth Mala, Deputy Governor Of The Property Management Group And Acting Governor Of The State Railway Of Thailand, State Railway of Thailand
Azmi Abdul Aziz
Mainline Projects

Gemas-Johor Bahru Rail project update

Vijay Kumar
Mainline Projects

Mumbai–Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor project update

Mainline Projects

North-South Commuter Railway (NSCR) Philippines

Mainline Projects

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Panel discussion

Innovative models in rail operations


The Digital Present

  • Digital is not in the future – it’s right now
  • Why the most adaptable will succeed
  • How can rail can get up to speed with other industries
Mainline Projects

Bangkok’s high-speed rail project: Linking three major airports

Tonny Yeap
Mainline Projects

Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR Project Update

Mainline Projects

Delhi–Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System project updates

Mohd Zaidi Sharif
Mainline Projects

East Coast Rail Link Project in Malaysia

Mohd Zaidi Sharif, Head, Special Projects, Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd
Panel discussion
Mainline Projects

The future of mainline projects in Asia

  • Designing and delivering cost-effective, timely projects
  • Investing in rail reliability in existing networks
  • Retrofit or replace?: The investment conundrum
  • Using big data, IoT and analytics for precision, time and cost efficiencies, and reliability in project delivery
Aye Aye Hla, Joint Secretary, National Transport Facilitation Committee, Ministry of Transport and Communications

Networking cocktail reception & close of day one

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Mainline Projects, Thursday 2 July 2020

Richard Anderson

Lessons from 25 years of metro benchmarking

  • What benchmarking data shows us about 20-25 year trends in metro performance
  • Key hot topics in the industry from an operator perspective and how these have evolved in 20-25 years
  • What does this tell us about the future?
  • In particular, what do customers actually want from embracing the opportunities of digital, data, new technology?
Richard Anderson, Managing Director, Transport Strategy Centre (Tsc), Imperial College London
Panel discussion

Keynote operations panel

  • What do passengers really want and how can operators deliver this?
  • With a myriad of new technology applications on the market, how can operators choose what delivers value to both passengers and the business?
  • What is the role of operators in driving innovation in technology to solve problems relating to the future of mobility?
  • The role of suburban and urban rail in meeting the urban mobility challenge
  • Strategic allocation of continual investment to meet needs of riders
Sumit Srisantithum, Chief Operating Officer, Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTS)

Diamond sponsor address

Panel discussion
Mainline Projects

Rail Freight Leaders’ Panel: The rise of rail freight in Asia Pacific

  • The outlook for rail in for Inter Asia-Europe logistics
  • The role of rail in developing intermodal hubs
  • Improving operational abilities of freight trains
  • Bringing investment levels in freight up to par with passenger
  • New Rail Silk Roads between Asia and Europe: Impact on economies and ecology
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Lao-China rail link project

Mainline Projects

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

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Latest trends in the Freight sector of Indian Railways

Yong Bok Lee
Mainline Projects

Korea Railroad's HSR operation and efforts to connect the inter-Korean railways

Mainline Projects

Cambodian Rail projects updates

Mainline Projects

India’s Dedicated Freight Corridor Programme

Mainline Projects

China-Myanmar high-speed railway: Updates from Myanmar

Ekkarut Viyanit
Mainline Projects

NSTDA's role in research & development, testing and standardization responding to localization demands

Ekkarut Viyanit, Principal Researcher and Director, Rail and Modern Transports Technology Research Center (RMT), National Science And Technology Development Agency
Mainline Projects

Jakarta-Bandung high speed railway project update

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