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Digital Rail, Tuesday 19 March 2019

Opening Keynote Plenary: Next Gen Rail

Neal Lawson

Rail Leader Keynote Interviews

Back by popular demand, we kick off Asia Pacific Rail 2019 with a series of interviews with C-Level rail operator leaders. Don’t miss these exclusive insights from some of the region’s most forward-thinking executives.
Interviewee: Neal Lawson, Chief Operating Officer, Metro Trains Melbourne
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Next generation rail & the changing transport ecosystem

Following the keynote interviews, our leaders will come together for this exclusive panel discussion to explore the role of rail in the broader transport ecosystem, and how operators need to adapt to ensure they thrive amidst the disruption. Issues to be addressed include:
  • How does rail fit into the wider urban ecosystem?
  • How can rail operators establish partnerships with the right players, and who will drive this?
  • Where does Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) fit in the broader context of a digital rail strategy?
  • What technology investments do rail operators need to be making?
  • How can we enable last mile connectivity at all levels, and what role does or should the rail operator play in this?
  • What is the benefit to rail operators in offering end-to-end transport planning and electronic payment? Who is doing it right?
Neal Lawson, Chief Operating Officer, Metro Trains Melbourne

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Networking refreshments & exhibition visit

A digital, intermodal future

Dr Chen-Yu Lee
Digital Rail

Rail & the smart city: Enabling a smart intermodal future

Digital Rail

An address from Bombardier


Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Keynote Plenary: The Power of Big Data

Dr Tony Lee

Big Data: How MTR is unlocking the power of data for true digitalisation


Going beyond the buzzword: monetising your data sets


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Game-changing technology

Mr Kuldeep Gharatya
Digital Rail

How AI, IoT, VR, Smart Sensors are unlocking new opportunities for rail operators

Digital Rail

Digital systems and latest technologies for the future of rail

Digital Rail

An address from Wabtec

Getting serious about cybersecurity

Professor Nalinaksh Vyas
Digital Rail

The Digital Railway Strategy Blueprint – the inclusion of game-changing technologies


Networking drinks

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Digital Rail, Wednesday 20 March 2019

Keynote Plenary: Looking Forward


Going beyond digital to truly smart: what do tomorrow’s rail networks look like?

Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Game-changing technologies for Asia Pacific’s rail operators: making sense of it all


An address from TCT


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From digital to smart

Gerald Schinagl
Digital Rail

Responding to the megatrends driving disruption in transport by agile organisations and rapid developments

Mr Stefan Sanders
Digital Rail

The challenges in solving urban mobility

Digital Rail

Retrofitting technology for smarter trains


Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Making Big Data & analytics work for you

Panel discussion
Seng Tiok Poh
Digital Rail

Practical steps for getting started with Big Data

Seng Tiok Poh, Director, Planning & Design, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd

Crystal Ball 2030 Panel

Panel discussion
Digital Rail

Crystal Ball 2030

In this special closing panel for the Digital Rail track, we take a look into the future and consider:
  • What new technologies are on the horizon, and how will they change the game?
  • Will urbanisation continue to be the key growth driver, or will other factors contribute?
  • What will the relationship between rail and smart cities be like?
  • Where will rail fit in the broader transport ecosystem?
  • Will Mobility-as-a-Service developments change the role of the rail operator?
  • What does a truly seamless, intermodal future look like, and can we get there?
  • Will changing passenger expectations alter the services we need to provide?
Jacqueline Linke, Manager, Innovation & Strategy, Transport for NSW

Close of Asia Pacific Rail 2019

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