Use EduTECH MOBILE App to arrange meetings


In partnership with EduTECH, AITD National Conference and Learning@Work Expo attendees can take advantage of the EduTECH mobile app and arrange your 1-to-1 business meetings.

Search through the entire attendee list, identify who you want to meet, send a meeting request, and arrange to meet at our dedicated Networking Lounge at a time convenient to both.

Give it a go - we encourage you to get organised BEFORE the event starts.

The App is intuitive, easy to navigate and use. Hundreds of meetings have already been arranged.


How it works?

(Note: Anyone can download the App and use basic features, however you have to register as an attendee before you can send/receive meeting requests)

  1. Download EduTECH App
  2. If you want to arrange meetings + search attendee list, please follow steps below.
    • Register as an attendee
    • Look out for email with username and password
    • Login to app & setup your profile
    • Browse through Meeting's tab on the dashboard
    • Select "Send Request" to select the individual or company you'd like to meet
    • Fill out all meeting details, then click "Invite" button

Note: All meetings are held at the 'Networking Zone' in the exhibition hall, next to Catering Area #3.


Other useful features of the App

You'll get more out of your time if you plan your visit in advance:

  1. Update your profile so people can find you
  2. Study the agenda
  3. View attendees
    1. Arrange meetings
    2. Send messages
    3. Join discussions
  4. Capture Leads
  5. Take notes
  6. Scan QR codes to enter the Treasure Hunt competition to win a car
  7. View speakers and read their bios
  8. Study the floorplan, list of exhibitors and sponsors
  9. Receive notifications, alerts and updates


Why arrange meetings in advance?

  • Search for other attendees, business partners, speakers, suppliers and anyone else you'd like to meet at the event
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings with other individuals and companies of interest
  • Interact with other delegates from different backgrounds
  • Build new relationships and discuss prospects







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