Stanislav Shults | Field Application Ingineer

Stanislav Shults, Field Application Ingineer, SYSGO GmbH

In 2023, Stanislav Shults joined SYSGO as Field Application Engineer. With a background as an Embedded Engineer, he has extensive experience in creating and designing products, ranging from civil UAVs to intricate automotive systems. His expertise lies in OS and sensor-focused development. Recently, he has specialized in crafting and customizing Linux-based BSPs for the agricultural sector, emphasizing security and safety. Stanislav holds M.Sc. in Microelectronics and B.Sc. in IT.


ATW Europe Day 1 @ 14:30

SYSGO Presentation: Safeguarding against cybersecurity risks in airspace

ATW Europe Day 1 @ 15:30

SYSGO Presentation: Prioritizing Safety and Security in Aerial Mobility

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