Sanan Chaharkama | Co-Founder & CTO
Nexus Lab

Sanan Chaharkama, Co-Founder & CTO, Nexus Lab

Sanan Chaharkama is the Co-founder and CTO of Nexus Lab. Currently, he is pursuing a graduate degree in applied and computational engineering at Strasbourg University. Over the past three years, he has acquired valuable experience in research and development for major oil and gas companies, where he focused on developing advanced technical products using AI and computational tools. In his current role at Nexus Lab, he is responsible for research and technology development, and leads a team of scientists and developers that is conducting research on condensation trails, their formation, effects on climate, and mitigation.


ATW Europe Day 1 @ 12:15

Nexus Lab Presentation: Optimizing sustainable flight operations with AI Contrail Prediction Software

ATW Europe Day 1 @ 12:30

Panel: SAF and beyond: Looking forward at the future of sustainable flight ops

-From testing to take-off, what does the current sustainable aviation landscape look like? 

-Delving into SAF research, policies, and trials  

-Where does the industry need to innovate and evolve to meet our net zero goals? 

last published: 22/Mar/24 10:15 GMT

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