Rey Jean-Michel | Chief Executive Officer

Rey Jean-Michel, Chief Executive Officer, POSITHOT - LA MANUFACTURE D'ANTIMATIERE

An engineer with a PhD in Materials Science, Jean-Michel (59 years old) worked for 22 years as a research engineer at the CEA. He led materials studies before contributing to the development of research instruments for fundamental physics, in particular for the construction of the superconducting magnets of the LHC at CERN, and the ATLAS detector, as well as for projects for new experiments. He was project manager for the assembly phase of the superconducting modules of the ATLAS Barrel Toroid magnet, which gave him the opportunity to manage a worksite employing some forty people of various nationalities - Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch and French - over a 3-year period, to build a set of equipment estimated at 122 MCHF. In 2005, he took in charge the development of a positron source for a fundamental physics experiment. Successful results from the development phase led to the formation of an international collaboration and the submission of an experiment proposal to CERN's Scientific Committee. This proposal was accepted in 2012 and led to the GBAR (Gravitational Behevior of Antihydrogen at Rest) experiment.

He then turned his attention to the industrial applications of positron annihilation analysis for characterizing defects in materials. In 2011, he benefited from HEC's Challenge+ training program to structure his industrial project, and was a prize winner in the I-Lab competition in the "Emergence" category in 2012, then in the "Creation Development" category in 2014. POSITHÔT was founded in 2015 by Jean Michel, Jean-Michel taking advantage of the CEA's spin-off arrangements to devote himself to the creation of POSITHÔT and being relieved of all his other operational duties while remaining a CEA employee until June 2016.

Within the company, Jean Michel Rey is Chairman and CEO, also in charge of R&D, purchasing and production. He oversees the necessary contractual negotiations (intellectual property, commercial approaches, customer contracts, subcontracting, etc.), as well as the development of version 1 of the various industrial equipment. His technical skills are recognized internationally, where he is a regular speaker at symposia and conferences on scientific subjects and experimental developments.


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