Grigory Yakushev | Director of Research

Grigory Yakushev, Director of Research, Daedalean

Grigory Yakushev is the Director of Research at Daedalean, the company building the first-ever machine-learning-based avionics systems for civil aircraft of today and the advanced aerial mobility of tomorrow. Grigory leads Daedalean’s research team to create an onboard collision warning solution for UAM and General Aviation based on the innovative bi-modal radar system. Grigory graduated from the Computational Math department of Moscow State University and is a highly accomplished professional in the field of software development with over 20 years of experience. Before joining Daedaean in 2018, he had a successful career in Eagle Dynamics, Google (Calendar and Search), Mediahead, and Nvidia (Gameworks).


ATW Europe Day 1 @ 15:15

Daedalean Presentation: BRAVEN: Bimodal Radar for Aviation Environments

last published: 22/Mar/24 10:15 GMT

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