Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan | Chief Product Officer
KeepFlying (A CBMM Group Company)

Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan, Chief Product Officer, KeepFlying (A CBMM Group Company)

Chandrasekhar Jayaramakrishnan is the Chief Product Officer at KeepFlying®.  KeepFlying® ensure that an Airline, MRO or Lessor’s unstructured Airworthiness and Maintenance data sets are LLM ready and in a usable format for commercial insights generation. 
Airlines are spending close to $800,000 in additional costs as part of Narrow Body Redeliveries (almost 2x for Wide Bodies) due to unstructured technical records. Engine MROs have varying slot profitability (3-8%) margins and miss out on $250,000 in bottom line when carrying out overhauls. Lessors spend over $50,000 per Engine (higher for Aircraft) Records Inspection - amplified by holes in back-to-birth data.  KeepFlying® has enabled a new era of the Aviation Digital FinTwin® (Financial Twin) through its Aviation Language Model driven driven data-to-dollar platform to help Airlines, Lessors and MROs save on these additional spends among an expanding array of use cases to manage scrap rate predictions, work scope predictions, maintenance value economics during Aircraft & Engine transitions / placements / trades. 
Prior to co-founding KeepFlying®, Chandra spent 10+ years delivering Digital Solutions for managing Aircraft & Engine Leases, a digital aftermarket platform with a Heli OEM and focused on Pre Sales and Business Development roles in the Digital Aviation space across Europe, MENA and Asia Pacific.  He is a graduate of Cranfield University and holds a Law Diploma in Aviation Leasing & Finance from the Law Society of Ireland. 


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last published: 22/Mar/24 10:15 GMT

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