Andy Wilkinson | Head of Software Sales

Andy Wilkinson, Head of Software Sales, TrustFlight

Andy Wilkinson, based in Dorset, UK is a dynamic and positive aviation professional, bringing a wealth of aviation experience, along with exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills. His extensive career reflects a profound passion for aviation and a dedicated pursuit of outstanding results. Throughout his professional journey, he has consistently demonstrated a customer-focused mindset and natural leadership skills, leading to success in many different roles. Andy’s career initially commenced as a welder in heavy engineering but his true calling emerged in the aviation sector. Years of diligent self-study culminated in obtaining his UK CAA Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License, paving the way for a rewarding career within our distinctive industry. His experiences across OEMs, corporate/commercial airlines, and managing MRO facilities heightened his awareness of the vital importance of SMS in aviation. In 2014, as General Manager at Signature Technicair, an MRO facility based in the UK, he championed the principles of SMS, witnessing first hand, the transformative influence a robust SMS culture can bring to any business.  Andy led the implementation of the Centrik Management Software at Technicair which fueled an unwavering commitment to enhancing safety within the aerospace sector. This led to him joining TrustFlight in 2017.  As head of Software Sales at TrustFlight, he uses his extensive experience to connect with industry professionals, advocating TrustFlight, and championing the transformative capabilities of technology-enabled tools and services. After 35 years in aviation, Andy retains an unwavering passion, enthusiasm and dedication for enhancing safety and quality within our industry.


ATW Europe Day 2 @ 12:00

TrustFlight Presentation: Ahead of the mandate: achieving on-time SMS implementation for EASA part 145 maintenance facilities

last published: 19/Mar/24 17:15 GMT

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