Andy Hakes | Chief Executive Officer

Andy Hakes, Chief Executive Officer, AireXpert

Andy Hakes
Founder & CEO, AireXpert

With a distinguished 30+ year career in the aviation industry, Andy Hakes stands as a testament to dedication and expertise in the field. As the Founder and CEO of AireXpert, Andy has been at the forefront of pioneering solutions that enhance maintenance and operational efficiency for US widebody, narrowbody, and regional aircraft operators. Andy’s journey in aviation began on the ground floor as a line maintenance technician. His hands-on experience and deep understanding of aircraft operations fueled his rise to becoming the owner/operator of a company that provided crucial support to multiple US airlines. This experience laid the foundation for his venture into software, where he now leads initiatives to streamline and improve operations across a global network of aviation & aerospace professionals. Beyond his professional achievements, Andy is deeply passionate about mentoring the next generation. He dedicates his time and resources to guiding young individuals as they navigate the vast and exciting world of aviation and aerospace. His commitment to nurturing future talent reflects his belief in the potential of youth and the importance of passing on knowledge and experience. Andy’s blend of technical expertise, leadership, and dedication to mentoring makes him a respected and influential figure in the global aviation industry.


ATW Europe Day 2 @ 12:15

AireXpert Presentation: Can savings and efficiency occur overnight? Absolutely.

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