Andras Galffy | CEO
Turbulence Solutions

Andras Galffy, CEO, Turbulence Solutions

Andras Galffy is CEO and head of research and technology of Turbulence Solutions. He is committed to making flights turbulence-free following his passion for aviation, piloting, flight dynamics and flight control. During his PhD research at TU Vienna he demonstrated the effectiveness of Turbulence Solutions’ technologies "Improved Direct Lift Control" and "Turbulence Cancelling" in manned test flights in 2021. Since then he and his team drive forward the integration of Turbulence Cancelling products into Light Aircraft and Air Taxis (eVTOL, AAM) for outstanding passenger comfort and flight experience.


ATW Europe Day 2 @ 11:30

Turbulence Solutions: The future of turbulence-free flights

last published: 22/Mar/24 10:15 GMT

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