Alberto Bellazzi | Vibration Health Monitoring Specialist
Leonardo Helicopters

Alberto Bellazzi, Vibration Health Monitoring Specialist, Leonardo Helicopters

Alberto Bellazzi
Vibration Health Monitoring specialist – Advanced Diagnostic Systems
Leonardo Helicopter Division; Italy
Alberto joined Leonardo Helicopters Division (LHD) in 1990 and he is working on Diagnostics and Vibration Health Monitoring since 1993. Since that date, he followed the evolution of the VHM systems during all development stages: from the definition of the signal processing and analysis algorithms in the early days, up to the VHM data exploitation for in-service fleet support in the recent years, passing through transmission rig testing and on-board system maturity activities. He also followed the NH90 Monitoring and Diagnostic System design, which was defined and implemented under LHD workshare. In the recent years, he was involved in the development of the on-board HUMS systems on the AW family helicopters, AW609, AW101, AW119 and of the Heliwise maintenance Ground Station, which supports all HUMS-equipped Leonardo helicopters.


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