Ed Bagden, Director, Operations and Academic Programs, LIFT Academy, Republic Airways

Ed Bagden | Director, Operations and Academic Programs, LIFT Academy | Republic Airways » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Justin Jones, Executive Vice President Operations, Southwest Airlines

Billy Nolen, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, Archer

Paige Stanton Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Acubed, an Airbus Innovation Center

Eric Allison, Chief Product Officer, Joby Aviation

Eric Allison | Chief Product Officer | Joby Aviation » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Jim Perschbach, President and CEO, Port San Antonio

Mikaela Wright, Vice President, Talent Development, StandardAero

Mikaela Wright | Vice President, Talent Development | StandardAero » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Joseph Eddy, Director, IFEC Ops and Implementation, Delta Air Lines

Philip Bathurst, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aspire MRO

Veena Rao, Head of Portfolio Management, Aerospace Xelerated

Veena Rao | Head of Portfolio Management | Aerospace Xelerated » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Rob Galbraith, Director of Flight Operations Policy and Performance, United Airlines

Mike Blackman, Bombardier Connected Aircraft Business Strategy and Services, Bombardier

Mike Blackman | Bombardier Connected Aircraft Business Strategy and Services | Bombardier » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Matt Kunz, Vice President of Flight Operations, Flair Airlines Ltd

Matt Kunz | Vice President of Flight Operations | Flair Airlines Ltd » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Angela Marano, Vice President of AI and Data Transformation, Southwest Airlines

Steve Shaffer, Aerospace Director, Georgia Center of Innovation

Steve Shaffer | Aerospace Director | Georgia Center of Innovation » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Nicolette Freeman, Vice President and Senior Partner, Aerospace & Defense, IBM

Nicolette Freeman | Vice President and Senior Partner, Aerospace & Defense | IBM » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Stefan Sandoval, Investment Associate, JetBlue Technology Ventures

Luis Mesen, Director, Data Analytics, United Airlines

Luis Mesen | Director, Data Analytics | United Airlines » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Jesse Wilson, Product Marketing Manager – Tech Ops & Maintenance, Boeing

Jesse Wilson | Product Marketing Manager – Tech Ops & Maintenance | Boeing » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Mark Roboff, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SkyThread

Mahesh Harvu, Transformation Strategist and Advisor, Microsoft

Mark Wibben, Vice President of Engineering and Programs, Southwest Airlines

Eric Crump, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace Center for Excellence

Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital, GE Aviation

Andrew Coleman | General Manager of GE Digital | GE Aviation » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Matthew French, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, Piedmont Airlines

Matthew French | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager | Piedmont Airlines » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Kurt Kinder, Vice President Maintenance Operations, Southwest Airlines

Glen Burks, Vice President of Operations, Archer

Yvette Lapura, Director, Digital Services, Oliver Wyman

Yvette Lapura | Director, Digital Services | Oliver Wyman » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Robin Riedel, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Andrew Gendreau, Sr. Director Business Strategy, Aerospace & Defence, Microsoft

Bobby Anderson, Vice President/General Manager, Aviation, Shift5

Luke Meminger, Director, Digital Fleet Management, United Airlines

Luke Meminger | Director, Digital Fleet Management | United Airlines » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Shiro Matsuzaki, Manager, Strategic Investment at JAPAN AIRLINES VENTURES, Japan Airlines

Michael Denis, Senior Director, Capgemini

Greg Lambert, Director of Business Administration Heavy Check and Planning, Endeavor Air

Tim Murnin, Head of Aerospace Industry Solutions, Amazon Web Services

Tim Murnin | Head of Aerospace Industry Solutions | Amazon Web Services » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Anna Litvinova, Flight Test Engineer, Gulfstream

Sherry Yang, Senior Manager of Aerospace Operational Efficiency, Boeing Research and Technology

Sherry Yang | Senior Manager of Aerospace Operational Efficiency | Boeing Research and Technology » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Josh Swenson, Senior Technical Fellow - Electrical Power Systems, Collins Aerospace

Shakespear Nyamande, Vice President, Planning, Joramco

Shakespear Nyamande | Vice President, Planning | Joramco » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Elan Head, Senior Editor, The Air Current

Darin Underwood, Engineering Lead, Autonomous Operations, Collins Aerospace

Geraldine Barnuevo, Vice President of Sustainability, GE Aerospace

Geraldine Barnuevo | Vice President of Sustainability | GE Aerospace » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Chad Gill, Principal Product Manager, Intelsat

Nadine Auda, Co-Founder, Rune Aero

Pierre Frédéric Benoit, Systems Engineering, AC Connectivity, Bombardier

Pierre Frédéric Benoit | Systems Engineering, AC Connectivity | Bombardier » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Eduardo Zunzunegui, Founder/CEO, Air Amelia Aircrafts

Eduardo Zunzunegui | Founder/CEO | Air Amelia Aircrafts » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek

Yessibeth Jurado, Senior Manager - Projects & MRO Systems, Copa Airlines

Yessibeth Jurado | Senior Manager - Projects & MRO Systems | Copa Airlines » speaking at AerospaceTechWeek