Bruce Ditman | Managing Partner
Chief Seconds LLC

Bruce Ditman, Managing Partner, Chief Seconds LLC

Bruce Ditman is the Managing Partner of Chief Seconds LLC, a Professional Services Marketing Consultancy which believes that “Useful is Beautiful” in all things, including your marketing and business. A former CMO of two, top 20 Accounting and Advisory firms for more than 15 years, Bruce has built Chief Seconds to be an agent of (necessary!) change for high-growth and in-transition firms seeking street-tested and results-oriented strategy, consulting and fractional services. Nothing More.  Nothing less.

As a part of his most recent leadership team, the firm experienced 3.5 x revenue growth and a national expansion.  Bruce conceived of and implemented game changing event marketing strategy, co-created the first national LGBTQ+ speciality practice in the business, co-created national industry specialization strategies at two firms, launched the first national television and OTT campaign in the category, and executed and integrated more than 15 mergers and more.

A frequent speaker, author, essayist and podcaster, Bruce values a good conversation over most things.  Bruce lives in the Greatest Small City in the World, New Haven, CT, with his wife and two kids.  


Day 2 - Accounting Americas 2021 H2 @ 11:30

Keynote presentation: Growth Strategies For the Future: Strategy, digital trends and other growth initiatives in accounting and finance practices

last published: 06/Dec/21 18:55 GMT

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