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De-clutter your payments & accounts payables. Avoid manual processes. Free up your time. Add more value. 
Move away from separate bank accounts, complicated software and inefficient processes. 
Switch to automated accounts payable, multi-currency accounts, painless payments and integrated accounting

Paytron is the first SMB financial services platform in Australia to offer full integration with accounting software Xero. A client using Paytron’s end-to-end payments software no longer needs to log in to multiple accounting, banking, payment & fx providers to make local and international payments. Instead, Paytron makes these payments easy and auto-reconciles everything in Xero enabling back office teams and small businesses owners to focus on other value-adding tasks.

With over two million SMBs in Australia and the average cost of processing an invoice sitting at $30.87 according to the ATO, Paytron is a game-changer for SMBs looking to improve their cash flow with better financial services. Paytron offers a basic free account, with the premium service starting at $19.95 / month. As part of their launch, they are offering the first year free for businesses who sign up before the end of the financial year. Paytron also has zero set-up fees, making it easy to switch.