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NowInfinity exists to resolve pain points in financial businesses through adopting better technology solutions and automation so you can grow your business. With NowInfinity, you can create entities, collaborate with other platforms and manage your client’s entities and registers with ease. 

Legally backed, high quality documentation

NowInfinity’s document platform sits at the core of the NowInfinity eco-system and is made up of over 70 legal documents. It allows users to use legally backed, instantly available documents for entity creation – to easily set up companies, trusts, SMSF, loan agreements and more. 

Manage ASIC affairs with our leading Corporate Compliance solution

Corporate Messenger is NowInfinity’s corporate compliance solution for managing companies at scale. It couldn’t be easier to handle all of your ASIC compliance including annual statements, debt reminders, and all other lodgement documents. 

Australia’s first cloud based trust register

Take full advantage of the platform’s automation, customisation and communication benefits with all trust related documents in one cloud-based location. 

Manage SMSFs in a highly efficient and compliant manner

Experience the ease of managing SMSFs when the power of technology makes the whole process efficient as well as compliant.