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To stay ahead of the digital revolution, accounting firms need to embrace cutting-edge techniques and navigate new ways of adding value to their clients.
That’s where Inflo comes in.

Inflo offers either a fully integrated audit suite or modular products to complement and enhance existing technologies. Inflo consists of 10 Modules within 5 product groups, allowing accountants in practice to work more collaboratively with accountants in business to provide more effective and valuable audit services. Inflo is a cloud-based software application separated into key modules, incorporating machine learning (AI) and user configuration. Offering advanced data analytics capabilities without the need for data science or coding knowledge.

Inflo’s Digital Audit is the accounting professions first audit solution designed for the modern, digital business world. It combines unparalleled data acquisition, embedded client collaboration, progressive data analytics and dynamic reporting with a proprietary methodology and work papers solution – all in one cloud-based platform. 

Inflo provides software that gives smaller companies access to the same technology capabilities of large companies, so they can serve their clients in new and exciting ways.

Inflo’s product is easy to use, integrates well with existing software, and eliminates hours of tedious manual work, freeing up your time for more valuable, client-focused activities.

Inflo allows teams to work in new and innovative ways and provide a more collaborative experience to clients.