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You weren’t born to do expenses.
Whether you’re self-employed, work at a nonprofit, lead a global enterprise company, or anything in between, Expensify eliminates the stress of tracking receipts and managing expenses so you can focus on whatever you were born to do – because you definitely weren’t born to do expenses.  

Our team:
We hire the best people we can find, no matter where they live, and we only have two company rules: get shit done and don’t ruin it for everyone else. It’s these two rules (and the lack of more!) that empower each of us to grow our strongest and dream our biggest. We uphold these values when collaborating with our teammates, interacting with our customers, and building our product. 

How we got here:
David Barrett founded Expensify in 2008 because he hated doing expense reports. Like many, David dreaded the process of wrangling receipts and hand-keying spreadsheets, but he really hated the fact that manual expense reports just weren’t fair. Employees spent their own money on company expenses, then waited weeks – sometimes months – to get reimbursed, wasting a ton of time emailing the accounting department along the way.

Over the next couple of years, David and the growing team rolled out the first receipt-scanning technology in the industry. SmartScan revolutionized the receipt tracking experience by allowing people to take a photo of any receipt for automatic transcription. This led to the next chapter – realtime expense reports – in which Expensify began to automate the entire receipt journey, from the initial scan all the way through expense approval and reimbursement.

We started out with a focus on SMBs, but also made a commitment to never let our customers outgrow us. We had a few early customers who grew at lightspeed, so we grew up with them, building out more robust features along the way. Because of this, Expensify is one of the only apps that’s equally as useful for individuals as it is for companies with thousands of employees.

Today, more than 6 million people and over 60,000 companies use Expensify around the globe. We reimburse millions of dollars every day, process billions every year, and serve customers in more than 169 countries.

Where we’re headed
We’ve built our product, team, and vision for the long run. Our product consistently pushes the boundaries of what we can offer our customers to improve workflows and save time for everyone. Our team – a global collective of colleagues and friends based in Portland, San Francisco, Ironwood, London, Melbourne, and remotely – is as diverse as we are ambitious, which makes us uniquely fit to drive our industry far beyond its current reach. We’re constantly dreaming up bigger ways to impact the world, whether it’s by keeping self-employed hustlers on track for tax season or by giving every parent a little more time with their kids after a business trip.