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When we started in 1983, we were just a small consulting firm, assisting accountants and businesses to gain more value from their computer systems. As time passed, we started to wonder why some manual accounting processes hadn’t been automated yet. Why were our clients wasting so much time processing data?

And that’s how it all started!

We first launched the Corporate Affairs System (CAS) in 1989, followed by Simple Fund, Simple Invest and Simple Ledger in 1997. Having in mind that the accounting industry was (and is still) in a state of constant change, in 2009 we decided to reinvent SMSF administration by developing a cloud-based SMSF administration solution from the ground up. And in 2014, Simple Fund 360 was released to the market. This was followed with the release of CAS 360, our cloud-based ASIC corporate compliance solution, in 2017.

Over the years, BGL has evolved in so many ways and is now Australia’s most awarded and leading developer of SMSF administration and ASIC corporate compliance cloud software solutions. It’s incredible to see how we went from a team of 2 employees to a well-established private company with over 120 employees and 8000+ clients.