ATO SmartDocs

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A brand new way to process your ATO documents in seconds. Having the experience in building the ATO Paper Buster which is now owned by CCH we set about understanding and thinking about the changes coming from the ATO.

The ATO has talked about moving away from paper for over 7 years and it is finally happening. Have you noticed when your clients sign up for MyGov you stop getting the paper copies of the NOA and all other documents?

ATO SmartDocs is a game changer. No more scanning paper copies, no more manually checking NOAs, no waiting 3 days for paper copies of ATO documents to arrive in the mail.

ATO SmartDocs is built to future proof your ATO document processing and securely deliver with full encryption your ATO documents to your clients.

If you cannot process a Notice of Assessment in under 20 seconds then you’re doing it the hard way. This includes;

  • Renaming the ATO document automatically
  • Filing a copy into your document management system
  • Checking the estimated amount against the assessed amount
  • Sending a secure encrypted version to your clients for their records (No open text email risks)