Tomas Turek | Head of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation
Milestone Group

Tomas Turek, Head of Artificial Intelligence & Digital Transformation, Milestone Group

Tomas is a technology evangelist and an innovator in Research and Development (R&D) of digital products with Artificial Intelligence (AI). He has been applying machine learning research to solve problems in financial services, including designing, building, patenting, and launching digital products with exponential technologies. Tomas is currently establishing a Data-Driven Science practice at Milestone Group in Australia, where he is leading the R&D of AI-powered products for the global investments industry. This will drive operational efficiencies and actionable insights for the next generation of investment automation platforms.
His track record in agile software development includes building the world’s first virtual bank, pioneering a robo-advisor for Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) portfolio management, and commercializing advanced analytics in regulated environments. Prior to a career in financial services, his research efforts in aerospace science and computational fluid dynamics focused on reducing environmental impacts of aviation. This enabled High Performance Computing (HPC) for the next generation of green engines while undertaking PhD research with Nobel Peace Prize winner for climate change, Dr. Sam Sampath, at the University of Toronto.

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