Sam Dean | Director
BlueprintHQ. Podcast host of 'Business Habitat with Sam Dean'

Sam Dean, Director, BlueprintHQ. Podcast host of 'Business Habitat with Sam Dean'

Sam Dean FCA, Accountant-Turned-Entrepreneur, Growth Advisor, Speaker and Podcaster
In the past 15 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of driven expert-based business owners in this country. These were highly educated women and men who got into a professional business for more time, control and money. The problem being that the gap between expertise and what it takes to run a thriving people-centric business is still significant. While it takes us decades to become qualified and master our expertise, it only takes 12 minutes to open a business. This gap is what I've dedicated my career to helping people close. The BlueprintHQ programs I've designed are to double the income of expert businesses without burnout.


Day 2 @ 11:30

Business advisory growth: what it takes to successfully implement a business advisory service line in your firm

last published: 25/Nov/22 09:15 GMT

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