Nick McGuigan | Professor of Accounting, Director of Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion
Monash University

Nick McGuigan, Professor of Accounting, Director of Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion, Monash University

Professor Nick McGuigan
Monash University
Nick McGuigan is Professor of Accounting and Director of Equity, Diversity & Social Inclusion at Monash Business School and Professor at the Centre for Accounting & Auditing Research, Rostock University, Germany. Nick is an award-winning educator and researcher who works as an innovator, instigator and disruptor to create futureoriented accounting and business education programs. He holds an Australian National Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, a Business/Higher Education Roundtable (B/HERT) award for ‘Excellence in Accounting Teaching Collaboration’ and is a recipient of the prestigious 2019 Aspen Institute Global ‘Ideas Worth Teaching’ Award (New York). Nick’s research interests include integrated thinking, diversity and social justice, creativity, systems design and regenerative 
accounting. Nick co-founded The Accountability Institute, Queering Accounting, conceptually designed the world’s first ever accounting perfume and instigated Monash’s newly created Artist-In-Residency program. He works closely with global professional bodies, including the Aspen Institute, Good Governance Academy, International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), ISSB (former Value Reporting Foundation), ACCA, CIMA, ARITA, CPA Australia, CA ANZ, IIA, regularly working to host events, contribute to panel discussions and create up-to-date, engaging member content


Day 1 @ 15:30

LGBTI and diversity within the Australian accounting profession

Day 2 @ 10:10

The future of Accounting & Finance where to from here and how to foster innovation

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