Michael Kollo | Chief Economist

Michael Kollo, Chief Economist, Faethm

Dr. Michael G. Kollo is a business leader, practitioner, technical storyteller, writer and speaker. A PhD in Finance from the London School of Economics (LSE) before embarking on a career in quantitative asset management, working at a suite of sophisticated institutional asset managers (Blackrock, Fidelity and Axa) where he led research teams and spoke globally on applying quantitative (data science) techniques in asset management, the limits and applications of machine learning, and the applications of alternative data for different investment problems. In 2017, He joined HESTA ($50bn fund) to set the quantitative finance function. 
Michael continued to engage with academic foundations, and taught Quantitative Finance at the Imperial college for three years, and fulfilling the Chief Examiner role at LSE for Corporate Finance. He is a published Author in the application of machine learning to investing, a contributor to WEF AI / Fintech panel, and a podcaster on the topic of the application of  alternative data and AI/ML in Financial Services. 
He is currently at Faethm.AI a SaaS company focused on defining and measuring the impact of technology on the global workforce, and the automation impact on global industries, firms and societies. 

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