Marcus Bowles | Director
The Institute for Working Futures

Marcus Bowles, Director, The Institute for Working Futures

Dr Marcus Bowles is co-founder of Capability. Co and Chair of The Institute for Working Futures (Working Futures™).  Marcus is a researcher, author, educator and disruptive thinker. He makes a difference by inspiring employers, professions and governments to design work and learning in ways that actual enhance how humans perform, adapt, and flourish.  Over 30 years Marcus has over 300 engagements with globally recognised brands, holds several academic appointments at professorial level and is an author, speaker and chairperson or member of numerous boards. 


Day 2 @ 09:30

A future without jobs: Reimagining accounting careers

This short, proactive presentation will uncover the latest insights into why and how accounting skills and roles will be profoundly reshaped in the next decade. Exploration will be made of how pressure from the design of work and employment will see employment in many traditional accounting occupations diminish. This will occur while the professional capabilities of accountants continue to migrate across other disciplines and industries. In conclusion we will consider how the profession, employers and educators respond to a paradox where future accounting jobs as we know them disappear while employment opportunities for those possessing accounting skills expand.  

Day 2 @ 10:10

The future of Accounting & Finance where to from here and how to foster innovation

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