Lynda Steffens | Founder
The Small Business Project

Lynda Steffens, Founder, The Small Business Project

Lynda Steffens, Founder of The Small Business Project.  
A leading educator in modern advisory methodology for Accountants in Public Practice. Their purpose-driven mission is guiding and supporting accountants to reach their highest potential in work and in life. As an Accountant Coach, Lynda personally has an innate understanding of the introverted temperament and personality profile of those who are drawn to the accounting industry. Her vision to elevate the accounting industry through transformative change sparked the idea behind her book ‘Accounting Revolution’.  She is the host and moderator of The Public Practice Accountants Club on YouTube and a very proud Accountant herself with over 30 years in the public practice industry.


Day 1 @ 13:30

Why Advisory As We Know It Isn't The Answer to Increasing Relevance Or Value In Your Firm

last published: 23/Feb/24 05:15 GMT

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