Lucy Allen | Mindset & Leadership Coach
The Graceful Collective

Lucy Allen, Mindset & Leadership Coach, The Graceful Collective

Lucy Allen is a Mindset & Leadership Coach who is passionate about empowering others to work and live like they mean it. She blends coaching with over a decade of PR and Communications experience, which has seen her work with major brands such as Coles, Red Bull, Levi Strauss and ANZ Bank. Lucy has managed big teams, big personalities and big workloads, and has an innate understanding of how to motivate people both in and out of the workplace to drive maximum productivity, collaboration and fulfilment. Lucy’s work is born from the founding principal that happiness + purpose is found in maximising whatever makes you truly joyful. Work things that Lucy loves to do;  Team training & facilitation; otimising leadership, communications or mindset for a group Speaking; sharing her insight into high performance, storytelling and resilience  The Packed Lunch Club; she hosts her own virtual lunchtime learning series on skills critical to the future of work  Individual coaching: partnering with a high performer to unlock their potetial further  Meet new people; if Lucy is the most exciting person in the room, she knows she's in the wrong room


Day 1 @ 11:00

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

last published: 23/Feb/24 05:15 GMT

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