Jaco Veldsman | Co-Founder

Jaco Veldsman, Co-Founder, Paytron

Jaco Veldsman is co-founder of Paytron, a cloud-based all-in-one payment solution built for businesses and accountants. Prior to founding Paytron, Jaco spent 12 years working around the world in banking and finance positions before settling in Australia, where after a few years in banking, he became the Chief Revenue Officer of ABN AMRO - APAC and then, later, the CEO of Epoch Capital (UK). In 2020, Jaco had a chance encounter with co-founder Francois Henrion where they both lamented the disparity of finance tools available to small and medium businesses and accountants versus the bigger businesses. There had to be a better way for businesses and accountants to manage their finance. Over the next six months, Jaco and Francois focused on developing Paytron, an all-in-one payment solution with a financial license that removed the manual work for businesses and accountants across the five pillars of business finance: accounts payable, accounts receivable, cashflow management, international payments, payroll and expense management. Launched in October 2020, Paytron is now one of Australia’s fastest-growing FinTech’s.

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