Electra Frost | Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer
Digital Playhouse Foundation

Electra Frost, Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Digital Playhouse Foundation

Electra is a specialist digital accountant in professional practice for more than 20 years. Her main focus is Digital Playhouse Foundation Ltd, a social enterprise and registered charity for digital financial literacy, with blockchain innovation and learning hubs in regional Qld and Victoria. Digital Playhouse projects include The School of Bitcoin, Stacks Australia and Accountants On-Chain, a learning community for accountants shaping their future practices with a growing crypto & web3 SME economy. In 2022, Electra is completing an Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain along with other accountants moving into this advisory space. To contribute to the improvement of her profession, Electra is researching blockchain-based organisational models for more rewarding, collaborative and automated provision of accountancy services. 

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