Brad Turville | Director
Modern Firm Practices

Brad Turville, Director, Modern Firm Practices

Brad Turville is a coach and trainer to the accounting industry on running a Modern Firm. He started his own business advisory & tax firm which he grew and sold in 2019 to focus on helping accountants run great firms. He regularly speaks on business development and practice improvement, with a focus on running a better business and challenging industry norms. His philosophy is ‘work smarter, not harder’. He has delivered training programs and presented for Chartered Accountants Australian New Zealand, Institute of Public Accountants, AccountantsDaily and The Gap.


Day 2 @ 11:00

The Key Is Remarkable Client Experience

Not everyone knows the technical differences between a good accountant and a great accountant, but everyone knows bad service from a remarkable experience. The question then is, what standards are you setting for your existing and prospective clients? Learn the importance that your clients place on how you make them feel, opportunities to delight them, setting and resetting expectations and a selection of tactics you can go and implement today.

last published: 14/Mar/23 21:05 GMT

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