Annie Le Cavalier | Director, Strategic Growth Programs
Stone & Chalk

Annie Le Cavalier, Director, Strategic Growth Programs, Stone & Chalk

Annie Le Cavalier, was the second employee of Stone & Chalk and has been crucial to the organisations culture and operational success. Annie is a pioneer and passionate community builder who opened Australia’s first co-work space back in Sydney in 2008.  Since the early days incubating inside some donated back office in KPMG, Annie has led the development of what has become the much admired and copied Stone & Chalk delivery blueprint. Annie has led and delivered countless strategic and innovative programs, including Stone & Chalk’s flagship MentorMatch, InvestorMatch, and Pivott, a program to create a pipeline of talent into startups to fuel the post covid recovery. Annie continues to foster innovation and collaboration across the ecosystem as Stone & Chalk’s General Manager for Victoria.


Day 1 @ 15:30

Pitchfest Accounting, Finance & SME start-ups

Pitchfest Accounting, Finance & SME start-ups. The start-ups are up against the clock to articulate their innovation and business case. Each session will feature feedback from the judges us they compete for a prize. Join us to cast your vote for the popular winner 

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