Amy-Rose Goodey | Chief Operating Officer
Blockchain Australia

Amy-Rose Goodey, Chief Operating Officer, Blockchain Australia

Amy-Rose | COO, Blockchain Australia As the COO at Blockchain Australia, Amy-Rose has been deeply involved in the Digital Currency and Blockchain industry since 2016. She actively engages with a multitude of stakeholders, including government agencies, regulators, banks, and educational institutions. Beyond this core focus, Amy-Rose has an extensive background in several sectors, including justice, human rights, and MedTech.  As a co-founder of Cortex Brainwave Technologies, she's at the forefront of innovating medical solutions for individuals with autism and ADHD. Central to her professional journey is a passion for leveraging technology for good, guided by the principle of Ubuntu: "I am because we are."


Day 1 @ 14:30

The importance of understanding the nuances of the incoming 'tokenisation of everything' and its implications for tax, reporting, and compliance.

last published: 30/Nov/23 02:25 GMT

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