Amar Latif | Co Founder
MAD Crew Wealth

Amar Latif, Co Founder, MAD Crew Wealth

Amar is a CPA Tax Accountant and the Co-Founder of MAD Crew Wealth with expertise in helping tradies and construction businesses build wealth & financial success whilst managing the risks, tax, and cash flow of their business. Amar works with clients to paint a clear picture of their personal and business goals and then breaks it down into 1-2 year forecasts that align with those goals. Meeting with his clients throughout the year, Amar keeps his clients accountable and on-track to their budgets and KPIs so they can achieve their goals and live a life by design.
Amar is a proud father of two boys, loves sports and is an avid reader with a keen interest in self-development, business & leadership books. Amar is passionate about social entrepreneurship and incorporating giving as part of a businesses operating model to Make A Difference [MAD] to our global community. 

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