Aletta Boshoff | Partner, National Leader, IFRS & Corporate Reporting

Aletta Boshoff, Partner, National Leader, IFRS & Corporate Reporting, BDO

Aletta’s involvement in sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting is a consequence of her focus on an organisation’s ability to create and sustain long-term value in a rapidly changing world, and managing the risks and opportunities associated with these changes. Aletta also puts a heavy emphasis on risk management, because monitoring and mitigating risks across all three dimensions (i.e. environmental, social and governance) is an important priority for any company that is serious about sustainability and ESG


Day 1 @ 13:00

Sustainability Reporting – more than just numbers

Sustainability Reporting – more than just numbers Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. Organisations worldwide are increasingly seeing the need to develop an environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability report to meet the expectations of their stakeholders, regulators and the public. In this session, Aletta Boshoff, BDO’s National Leader for Sustainability & ESG, and BDO’s National Leader for IFRS & Corporate Reporting, will share some of the latest trends we see in ESG. Aletta will take a look at the business problems (or opportunities!) created by ESG, demystifying the process along the way.

Day 2 @ 11:00

Assurance over your sustainability report

You have drafted a sustainability report: what is next? Aimed at preparers of sustainability reports, this session will highlight reasons to obtain assurance over a sustainability report, and guide attendees through the process, so they may know what to expect when seeking assurance over a sustainability report.

last published: 14/Mar/23 21:05 GMT

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