The Bookie & The Beano

With a bookkeeper (Diane Lucas of and an accountant (Kane Munro of and presenting to their fellow professionals, they found that it made a lot of sense to combine their knowledge and opinions to tackle some of the issues and questions that affect both professions in today's digital age.

From a small question and answer session at the end of the conference they have launched a podcast called, fittingly "The Bookie and The Beano".

Each week The Bookie and The Beano examines the different challenges of operating in professional practice from the standpoint of both a bookkeeper and an accountant as well as the perspective of different generations and gender.

It's a unique way of looking at the different issues affecting our professions today.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and most podcast platforms The Bookie and The Beano is released fortnightly and is essential listening for anyone either in professional practice or looking to start out in it.


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