Digital First

Digital First covers news and opinions on accounting technology and is read by tech-savvy accountants who understand the importance of technology in establishing a competitive advantage. It started in 2011 tracking the rise of online accounting software companies in Australia and now also follows the transition of desktop software companies to the cloud.

Digital First is also fiercely vendor independent – it is provided as a service to its readers. If you have a question, comment or criticism, throw it at the editor Sholto Macpherson:

Digital First often runs opinions by these tech-savvy accountants on topics such as the commoditization of compliance, the shift to a business advisory, competition with bookkeepers and how to automate accounting firms.

Digital First is unashamedly pro-cloud. If you’re still wondering why cloud accounting is such a big deal, check out the Beginner’s Guide to Online Accounting. In summary, it’s all about a shift to real-time accounting data on mobile devices, and sending and receiving information to other online programs and services.

Digital First is written mostly by Sholto Macpherson, an online accounting software analyst and business technology journalist since 2000 and editor and publisher of Digital First. Sholto also writes about accounting technology for broadsheet newspapers, magazines in accounting associations, industry blogs and speaks regularly at accounting technology conferences, guest podcasts, and radio.

Sholto now works as an analyst advising accounting firms and accounting software companies on trends in accounting technology. You can read detailed research on specific technology areas for accounting firms in the Macpherson Report.


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