Zivora provides automated insights, communication and visual engagement from business accounting information. We at Zivora understand that not everyone is an accountant, so we are passionate about infusing maximum human elements into our software. We bring those traditional conversations, of small business owners and their accountant or bookkeeper, to seamless and rich experiential touch-points within the software itself. Connecting seamlessly with a businesses accounts, the Zivora applications allows a business to manage its finances with confidence and frees up accountants’ time to focus on their advisory role. Zivora’s simple, playful and insightful visualisations speak clearly to small business. Cashflow forecasting and multiple scenario budgeting, with key metric visuals, lets businesses easily stay on track. All this, with the benefit of an in-built chat function, means accountants and their clients can collaborate instantly without leaving the application. We are a Xero connected App and currently preparing for Quickbooks.