The Small Business Project

Lynda Steffens is an Accounting Industry advocate and an Accountant Coach.  A self-confessed introvert and quintessential speaker, Lynda has 25+ years experience in the professional services industry as an Accountant, Business Advisor, Partner, Practice Manager, Speaker and Coach.

Lynda is the author of ACCOUNTING REVOLUTION and the Founder of THE SMALL BUSINESS PROJECT, a series of advanced skills workshops for Accountants. The game-changing Business Metamorphosis® Workshop and the 3Ds is for motivated Accountants who are keen to learn HOW to deliver valued Advisory services with a proven ‘no selling’ client advisory methodology.

Lynda exclusively coaches Accountants to revolutionise the way they engage with their clients to deliver highly-valued, non-compliance outcomes for their clients’ businesses and subsequently generate ongoing client revenue for Accounting businesses.

Her number one goal is to help Accountants re-ignite their passion for being in business and show them that small changes can make a big difference. 

Lynda is passionate about progress in the Accounting industry and she particularly enjoys working with Accountants who want more fulfilment in their career. For Accountants who are looking for a way to evolve their business and leverage their advisory service for ongoing fees, Lynda provides the HOW in a step-by-step process.