Super Records

Headquartered in Sydney with offices across Australia, India and the UK, SuperRecords have powered up over 100,000 Australian super funds and 500+ Australian accounting firms in over 10 years. Now we know just what it takes.

It takes not just embracing technology—but pioneering a secure automation platform to power up your efficiency. 

It takes not just extending your team—but offering the knowledge of consultants to power up your growth.

It takes not just training our people—but building an internal accreditation system mapped against Australian regulatory frameworks to power up your diligence.

It takes not just great service—but offering a complete workflow portal with live data and performance tracking to power up your control.

We know what it takes, and we do what it takes. That’s our promise.

- We power up your margins with extraordinary technology. 

- We power up your capacity with extraordinary people. And 

- We power up your safety with extraordinary security.

Powering up your capacity is more than our mission. It’s our superpower.