Smarter SMSF

Smarter SMSF evolved from The SMSF Academy, founded in 2010 by accountant, Aaron Dunn and lawyer, Ian Glenister – both accredited SMSF specialists. Our focus was always simple. To bridge the gap in courses, training, documents and tools so you can grow your business through self-managed super funds.

We provide thousands of practitioners with pension, compliance and legal documents. As well as hands-on skills and information needed to incorporate best-practice into your SMSF business. We are committed to helping accounting and financial planning professionals understand SMSF’s and stay ahead of the curve in a highly dynamic field.

This is why Smarter SMSF exists – to offer a greater level of industry education, training, SMSF documents and specialist tools.

As time is everything for accounting and financial planning professionals, staying current and having immediate access to compliant SMSF resources is the only way to implement best-practice outcomes for your clients. It’s a simple strategy that, without the right support, can be complex, risky and time-consuming. That is why we developed our online platform to work seamlessly with the cloud-based SMSF software you use.

Involving us in your practice gives you back the time you need to focus on your clients and your own strategy for success.


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