Our Leg Up


Our Leg Up (OLU) unlocks residential real estate equity to enable banks to offer market leading home loans with reduced risk and improved margin. Australians hold the majority of their wealth (54%) in real estate equity - a sum larger than both the ASX and AU superannuation. OLU unlocks this wealth for partner banks as a force for good, enabling the delivery of more competitive loans for customers, while reducing risk and cost.

For property owners unlocking their real estate equity (Investors), they earn a return on real estate equity without any cash outlay. With OLU, partner banks can remove the biggest hurdle to homeownership, by lowering borrower deposit requirements to 5%, while still achieving 80% LVR with OLU’s solution. Customers therefore borrow at a lower LVR, thus benefiting from the bank's prevalent interest rate (which can be 30bps - 150bps less). This lower interest rate restores their borrowing capacity by 5% - 20% (compared to the high LVR assessment rate).

Customers also save $10,000’s via lower ‘fee’ and interest repayments vs LMI. For partner banks, lowering LVR for these loans lifts margin, by reducing risk weighted assets and cost of capital for securitisation / bonds.