Liberate I.T.

Liberate I.T. was founded in 2011 by people with extensive experience in ERP transformation, and has grown to be represented in 5 major cities across Australia and New Zealand. Our experience has shown us all the success and challenges of selling and implementing ERP solutions, and from our experience we’ve developed our way of doing things. We’ve built a stable of over 30 NetSuite specialists, with many having NetSuite Industry-specific skillsets.

We decided early on, NetSuite would be our ERP of choice, as its flexibility and cloud-based model allowed us to build a company that was based on designing processes that fitted our customers, while also being able to introduce our industry experience to advise best practice processes.

From day one we have only ever sold one product. Everyone in Liberate I.T. eats, sleeps and dreams NetSuite. This focus on one product has meant we have built up a stable of deeply experienced NetSuite personnel, who have worked with multiple business types; it’s very seldom we come across a requirement that we haven’t already solved before. We operate with transparency around our work, meaning our customers can and do vouch for our quality of service, and creativity in providing solutions.