D&V Philippines Outsourcing Inc.

D&V Philippines is your accounting outsourcing partner in Manila. We are dedicated to providing small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and professional services firms, with top-notch financial services to gear them towards stability and growth. We take the responsibility of recruiting, onboarding and training your accountant. Have full control over your team, including your staff’s expertise. 

As a premium accounting talent sourcing firm, D&V Philippines operates under the best pillars. We have:

-An intensive experience in handling Australian, Accountancy and Compliance with a proven track record and available references such as BAS, GST, SUPER and PAYG.
More than 250 clients; over 150 of them are located in the Australian major cities of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.
More than 350 accountants onboard, 90% of which are CPAs and half have previous audit experience
An Internal Australian Compliance Team to help you train your team of accountants
A Senior Operational Management of Filipino CPAs with more than 8 years experience in handling AU/US/UK clientele in the Big 4 Australian accounting firm environments. 
No exit fees. Only minimum notice period.
Continuity measures to ensure backup procedures

Experience accounting the D&V Philippines way. Start slow and only scale up when needed.