DMY is Australia’s leading M&A/broking firm partnering with owners of accounting practices to help them sell and exit.


Accounting firms come in all different shapes, sizes and cultures. We successfully connect owners looking to exit their firm, or reduce their shareholding, with the right buyers who want to grow through acquisition, then help them negotiate a strong commercial outcome and successful transition.


Operating across Australia, our reputation has been built based on:


1. Our team with hands-on leaders and highly capable professionals supporting owners every step of the way; 

2. Unrivalled reach extending to thousands of accountants and financial planners;

3. Trusted relationships with a broad network of accounting firm principals nationally;

4. Leading mergers and acquisitions capability, and understanding of the Australian market;

5. Strategic and candid advice based on what you need to know, not what you want to hear;

6. An outstanding track record of delivering results for our clients.


DMY also offers a range of additional services to support deals, and help firms grow profitably and build long term value.