Cloudoffis offers a brand new way of preparing an SMSF & conducting an audit. It's developed with a unique technology that saves Accountants, Administrators & Auditors upward of 50% time per fund.

Our "SMSF Sorted" solution is for Accountants and Administrators who want to automate the preparation, review and transfer to audit. Whereas, our "SMSF Auditomation" solution is for Auditors who want to automate and drastically reduce the time spent per audit. The two solutions integrate beautifully with each other, as well as BGL, Class and SuperMate.

Cloudoffis not only automates the entire manual SMSF process outside of the SMSF admin software providers but also provides highly intuitive and intelligent tools to enhance and Accountants and Auditors’ ability to conduct critical analysis, make judgments and streamline their process to professional standards. The perfect blend of skills and software-assisted automation result in high-quality and error-free preparation. Cloudoffis - An end-to-end audit platform that ensures quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and scalability to increase the overall profitability of your business.