ATO SmartDocs


ATO SmartDocs stands out as an all-encompassing ATO document automation platform tailor-made for Australian accounting firms. It delivers a secure and streamlined approach to managing Australian Taxation Office (ATO) documents. The service is engineered to dramatically cut down the time and effort involved in ATO document processing, highlighting its robust security measures through Two-Factor Authentication/Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) to safeguard sensitive information as it is sent to your clients.

Enhanced Features Include:

  • Transparent Fixed Pricing: ATO SmartDocs introduces a clear and predictable pricing structure with a fixed monthly fee for unlimited ATO document processing. Check what you pay now against the ATO SmartDocs pricing on our webpage.
  • Seamless ATO Integration: The ATO SmartDocs connects to the ATO servers overnight and pre-loads your ATO documents ready for processing daily, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.
  • Simplified PAYG Documentation: It is designed to simplify the intricacies of PAYG (Pay As You Go) document management, ensuring all requisite ATO PAYG documents are readily available.
  • Unmatched Security and Compliance: Proudly ISO 27001 certified and recognized as a Digital Service Provider by the ATO, ATO SmartDocs commits to unparalleled data security and adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Customizable Communication Tools: It offers bespoke email and letter templates to facilitate communication, complemented by an innovative Email Vault feature. This vault provides clients with a secure platform to effortlessly access current and historical ATO documents. (All branded with your firm's logo).
  • Broad Compatibility: ATO SmartDocs is compatible with an extensive array of practice management, document management, and tax applications prevalent in the accounting sector, making it a versatile addition to any firm's technology stack.
  • Book a Zoom demo and have a look: We will run ATO SmartDocs live in the Zoom presentation so you can see it working.
  • ATO SmartDocs is more than just a software solution for Australian accounting firms facing the challenges of ATO document management. It's a strategic tool designed to enhance efficiency, ensure security, and facilitate compliance and seamless integration with existing systems. This platform is instrumental for firms aiming to refine their operational processes and deliver secure, dependable services to their clients.