Circa 2008. A small group of hardcore accountants met at a quaint little cafe in a suburb in Western Australia. After much back-slapping and swapping stories about spouses, kids, pets and work colleagues, they turned to a more serious topic. Their combined experience told them that the resources of many accounting firms were being stretched to the limit in the quest to offer value-added services to an expectations-hungry market, apart from dealing with obligatory duties of managing annual financial statements, profit & loss statements, filing tax returns and other such mandatory compliances.

This gave them an idea to create an “Accountancy Outsourcing Model” which was extremely ethical and value-based. This system would give utmost priority to the confidentiality of the client’s data and provide safety and security in all its dealings. With the vision crystal clear in the minds of the friends, they set off to create Accsource, a comprehensive accounts services company to cater to the needs of Public Accounting Firms and SMEs.