Accounting Business Expo 2020 Agenda | People & Culture

They make the world go 'round, but it's often the people and the culture of your workplace that will make or break your day. Covering topics from mental health, leadership and mastering the basics of upskilling your team, the People & Culture stream will inspire change and invite a positive work environment.

People & Culture, Monday 16 November 2020

Jeremy Hirschhorn

Tax In A Digital World

Jeremy Hirschhorn is Second Commissioner at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He has overall responsibility for the Client Engagement Group, which fosters willing participation in Australia’s tax and super systems through well-designed client experiences.Jeremy has more than 20 years' experience across the public and private sector in managing complex tax matters.
  • Jeremy will be discussing how the ATO is making the complex more streamlined. Jeremy will also be showcasing how the ATO is using its data to support businesses in new ways, and how he sees the role of tax professionals changing.
The Hon Nick Greiner

Business And Politics - The Next 10 Years

New political movements in the UK, the US and much of Europe have overturned the status quo, mostly moving to the right. Xi Jinping’s China is exerting its might with the Belt and Road initiative and other projects. Business leaders are weighing into public conversations on the limits of free speech and climate change. What does leadership look like in the next decade?
  • Will business leaders and businesses become advocates for political causes and not just profits?
  • How will political parties revitalise trust with constituents when technology is outpacing governance?
  • Will the era of trillion dollar companies drive Australia towards lesser equality in wealth?
Tanya Titman

Why An Innovation Strategy Is Not About Technology

How can a firm approach innovation? Does it look different in a small firm compared to a large one? The biggest challenge is convincing people that innovation doesn’t equal technology. It’s about creating a culture and a mindset. Hear one accountant’s exploration of innovation from within her award-winning, 20-staff firm to a $300 million mid-tier.
  • Discover the seven conditions to create a culture of innovation
  • Learn how you can innovate with your business model, process or market
  • Find out how to coordinate innovation within a larger firm
Alexi Boyd
People & Culture

Don’t Take It Offline - How To Deal With Overwhelmed Clients

Anyone who has ever advised SMEs will have encountered business owners with concerning mental health problems like anxiety and depression. We often try to sidestep the issue by “taking it offline”, “parking” it or finding another convenient reason to not confront our client’s mental health well-being. Starting a conversation now may just be the best action you could take.
  • Find out how to recognise poor mental health conditions in those around you
  • Learn how to start a conversation with someone you are concerned about
  • Discover the best resources and guides available for you to share with business owners
Glenn Tranter
People & Culture

Taming The Email Beast – Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The problem isn’t that we are all drowning in email; the real issue is that we are using email ineffectively. Too often we take a “one size fits all” mentality to setting rules in Outlook. Instead we need to configure our email programs to accommodate each person’s unique strengths, weaknesses and preferences.
  • Discover why “one size fits all” rules are fine in theory but poor in practice
  • Inbox Zero or Crowded Inbox – who cares? Why your garage might have the answer to managing email
  • Scheduling for success – how to understand your priorities and make informed decisions in even fluid environment
Jeremy Thorpe

Coronavirus, Bushfires, Energy Crisis: What Is The Net Impact On The Economy?

A pandemic shuts down China, the world’s factory, slashing revenue from student fees at universities and strangling supply chains. An apocalyptic fire season demolishes holiday trade along the eastern coast. Climate change denial cripples our energy policy and investment. US-led trade wars increase uncertainty. What will the short and long term effects be on Australia’s economy?
  • Find out whether a tough six months is a good indicator of the next year
  • Discover the impact of global policies on domestic fortunes
  • Understand which industries will be hardest hit
Neil Luo

The Role Of The Accountant In Shaping The Modern Business Of 2020

A discussion between Australia's fastest growing Fintech and an established giant of SME business technology. Airwallex and Xero will discuss the concept of the modern business and the importance of thinking and acting globally for customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Find out how SMEs are using technology to compete with big business and how their accounting partners are supporting them
  • Hear how Airwallex became the fastest unicorn in Australian history and how startups can supercharge their growth
  • Learn how to identify opportunities to save time and money with automating, offshoring and innovating
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People & Culture, Tuesday 17 November 2020

Shane Gannon

CFO’s Story: How To Manage A $13 Billion Company In Growth Mode

What’s on the plate of a CFO of a $13 billion company that is experiencing rapid growth? Mirvac’s assets under management nearly doubled to $23 billion in five years and are on track to hit $32 billion by 2024. How do you scale up an organisation to handle that growth and avoid inefficiency?
  • Discover the technology trends that are changing the skillset needed in the finance team
  • Find out why employee engagement is such a critical metric to supporting high growth
  • Get tips on how to create a high-performing culture
Gavin Whyte

Why Everyone Will Move to Real-Time Audits, and When

The basics of carrying out an audit haven’t changed for centuries. The tectonic shifts in technology are giving rise to new ways of thinking that could see sampling dumped for real-time audits of every single transaction – even if a SME sells thousands of items a day.
  • Discover how changes access to banking data will give accountants much more power
  • Learn about the potential new models for audit and when they are likely to emerge
  • Find out how firms can redesign their audit teams and create radical new services
Tanya Drerup

Innovating By Systems – How An E-Commerce Giant Goes Global

Ecommerce giant is a household name for cars, motorcycles and marine classifieds. But it’s not just in Australian households. The $4.5 billion ASXer operates across the Asia Pacific and has interests in Brazil, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico.
  • Understand how systems are critical to hitting operational and financial metrics
  • Discover how operations and finance teams work together
  • Find out how to innovate quickly within the constraints of ASX regulations
Interviewee: Tanya Drerup, General Manager, Corporate Systems,
Prof. Andrew Conway
People & Culture

Is Membership Of A Professional Body Still Important And Are You Getting Value?

Professional body membership has been a critical element of our profession for over a century. Beyond the financial cost, membership brings with it the impost of continuing professional development requirements, quality assurance and professional standards. Are you getting value from your membership? What does value look like in today’s accounting profession?
  • Query and validate the value of professional membership and explore what engagement means to you
  • Receive a frank and robust assessment of the issues facing the accounting profession
  • Engage with one of the professional body CEOs on what matters to you as an accounting professional
Lynda Steffens
People & Culture

Sex, Lies And Revolution - Stop Talking Price. Start Talking Value

Want to know how to offer and sell advisory services to your public practice clients on a consistent and ongoing basis? You need to stop talking price and start talking value. Join Lynda for this energetic, lively and thought provoking topic about how to get clients who value what you do and will happily pay for it.
  • Find out why you should talk about Coaching
  • Understand why advisory is not the answer and how to do something about it
  • Walk away with a free copy of Accounting Revolution: How to Instantly Connect With Your Clients In a Way That Makes You Money
Tim Hoopmann
People & Culture

How Valuing Yourself Can Improve Your Business And Your Mental Health

The value you place upon yourself is the only type of worth you can control. As a business owner every day we need to value ourselves, our services and our teams. There is a fear we will get it wrong. Understanding our value and clearly communicating this to clients sets us up for success.
  • Understand what it is to value yourself and the services your provide
  • Learn how to communicate your value to clients
  • Discover the best way to set yourself up for success when onboarding a new client
Andrew Van De Beek
People & Culture

Purpose Based Accounting - Because Profit Just Ain't Enough

Many clients are looking for more than an understanding of the financial performance of their business. More doesn't mean better – Better means better. A few years ago Illumin8 decided to stop focusing on profit when talking with clients. That shift changed everything. Here is why we believe that acting with a purpose based mindset helps you to serve your clients better than ever.
  • See how to help clients understand the impact of their business decisions
  • Why a different approach can help drive a great workplace culture
  • How to build a client base who truly love working with you
Andrew Van De Beek, Founder and Head of Purpose, Illumin8
Alexi Boyd
People & Culture

Want A Better Firm? Give Your Team The Power To Drive Change Themselves

It’s easy to come back from a conference and tell your team that things are going to change – maybe a new process, tool, or hire. But will they buy into it? Three top firms discuss how giving greater autonomy to staff to find their own solutions and a safe space to test them reaped the best results.
  • Understand why some of the best changes can come from juniors on the front line"
  • Discover why staff are more likely to adopt new ideas discovered through their own research
  • Find out about guidelines for staff including cost-benefit analyses and business cases
Andrew Van De Beek, Founder and Head of Purpose, Illumin8
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