CPD Hours


1. Is there an agenda available?

The wait for our 2020 agenda is almost over! Sign up for event updates or claim your free ticket now and we'll let you know when our agenda is live. 


2. Does Accounting Business Expo offer CPD hours?

Yes we do! 


3. How do I claim my CPD hours from Accounting Business Expo?

For ease of record keeping, we will provide you with a downloadable Agenda and Program at a Glance. As an attendee of the show, this will be be emailed to you ahead of the 25-26 March 2020 so you can plan your day. 
Individual session times last between 30 and 40 minutes. In total the agenda consists of 89 hours worth of educational content for you to select from.
For further evidence to accompany your own records, you will also receive an email after the event, to verify your attendance at Accounting Business Expo 2020, Once you have receieved this email, please lodge your CPD/CPE hours with your relevant authoritative body. 
If you pre-registered but did not attend you will not receive this email.


4. What activities can I record in order to complete my CPD requirements? 

Any activity that increases your knowledge, skills and ability to do your job can be included in your CPD records. To gain as much value as possible from your CPD activity, it is recommended to focus on its relevance to your role and your career development plan.


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